Introducing Bamberoos…

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of our first ever fitted nappy – Bamberoos!

Bamberoos are a one size bamboo fitted nappy, with a layer of quick drying microfibre tucked into the core, and 2 inserts included which you can tuck into the pocket to customise the absorbency of the nappy for your baby. Made from soft and stretchy bamboo, this nappy has durable poppers at the waist, and poppers down the front which you can close to reduce the size for younger babies.

Gorgeous though it is, you’ll need to pop a waterproof wrap over the top, our stockists can advise you on suitable products.

Click to read more about Bamberoos!

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Venus Awards National Winners!

We’re delighted to announce that Wonderoos/Earthwise Trading owner Christine McRitchie recently won the Venus Awards National Finals for Best Online Business 2015!

Christine says: “Winning the National Venus Award for Best Online Business 2015 is an amazing accolade! Earthwise Trading operates almost exclusively online, so to have our hard work recognised and rewarded in this way is fantastic and will give us a real boost, not only in terms of publicity, but also in terms of how we view ourselves as a company. The entire company is on a real high from the win, and we feel even more motivated to keep striving to be the best that we can be, continuing to innovate in the fast moving online world that we operate in.”

We have lots of plans for the Wonderoos brand in 2015 so watch this space…

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Gentle Parenting Awards 2015

Wonderoos are delighted to be short-listed in the Gentle Parenting Awards 2015 for Best Reusable Nappy! The Gentle Parenting Awards are a fresh, modern and ethical new awards scheme, with the winners largely decided on votes from parents.

Wonderoos is a reliable one size pocket nappy that has stood the test of time, and is now recognised as a versatile and highly absorbent choice for today’s parents. You can cast your vote for Wonderoos here! Every vote counts – we really appreciate your support!

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Dads Awards Finalists!

Wonderoos have been shortlisted for the 2015 Dads Awards in not one, but TWO categories! Best Reusable Nappy, and also Best Innovative Product. We may not be the biggest brand on the shortlist but we know our fans love to vote – so please take a minute and VOTE for Wonderoos!

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New UK stockists – more places to buy!

We’re delighted to welcome Fill Your Pants and The Nappy Gurus to our growing list of UK Wonderoos stockists. The team at FYP have been very excited about the arrival of their Wonderoos stock, find out what they think about Wonderoos in their Really Pants blog.

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Spooky Specials…

Get a free “Witchy” wet bag this October when you buy Pumpkin and Slime! No tricks, this is a Halloween Treat – available soon at participating stockists.

What are these new colours? I’ll let you into a little secret, some of the Wonderoos products have taken on new personas for the Halloween season, so this kit will give you a “Witchy” Blackberry minky wet bag with a “Pumpkin” (Apricot) Minky Wonderoo and a “Slime” (Lime) PUL Wonderoo. The Halloween Set has an RRP of £28.00, compared to £33.95 for the 3 items when ordered separately – a saving that will leave you some spare pennies for some halloween treats of your own…

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How do you use yours?

With thousands of you happily using Wonderoos, I thought I would share our top tips for getting the most from your nappies.

1. Adjust your Wonderoo to the correct rise setting for your baby. What is a “rise setting” I hear you ask? That’s what the vertical poppers on the front are for. If your baby is under 6 months old, you will almost certainly need to close those poppers to make the nappy shorter. This nappy has the rise poppers closed to the medium setting, you can see there is a lower row of poppers which you would use if you are putting the nappy on a newborn.

2. Decide which insert(s) to use. For newborn babies, use the white microfibre insert on it’s own, with the nappy poppered as small as it will go. This gives you a neat, squishable nappy that will be fast drying – this combination can be air dried in a warm room in just a couple of hours, meaning a nappy that was on in the morning, could be washed, dried and back on later the same day. As baby grows, you will find you need more absorbency than the microfibre insert alone can provide, this is the time to switch to using the tri-fold bamboo insert on it’s own. Six layers of thirsty bamboo terry will give you unrivalled absorbency, while the fleece layer next to baby will keep baby’s skin feeling dry. For older babies, usually over six months, or for night time or naps if your baby needs a bit extra, you can use both inserts. This gives you the ultimate combination [...]

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Find us on Pinterest

We’ve recently discovered Pinterest, and have been having fun sharing our love of all things brightly coloured – particularly the beloved rainbows!

If you’re a pinterest user, follow our boards for some colourful, fun pins to brighten your day…

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Blackberry Bags now available

Blackberry Minky is such a popular colour with you all that we’ve now made it available in a small wet bag – from September 2014 the girls minky starter sets will be supplied in the Blackberry bag instead of the current Dusky Rose, and you can also buy the bag individually from many of our stockists.

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Vote for Wonderoos!!!

We were delighted to learn that Wonderoos have been shortlisted in TWO categories for the Loved by Parents Awards 2014! Wonderoos have been shortlisted for Best Reusable Nappy, and Best Nappy Design. This means so much to us, to get this far Wonderoos have already been comprehensively assessed and tested by the Loved by Parents team of testers, and now it’s over to you for the public vote…

If you agree that Wonderoos nappies are simply wonderful – click here to vote for us!

You can vote once per e-mail address, you need to select the Babycare Category, and then Best Reusable Nappy – Wonderoos; Best Nappy Design – Wonderoos.

Thank you so much – your support is hugely appreciated!

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