Romanian distributor appointed

We are delighted to announce that HipHip.ro have been appointed as the distributor for Wonderoos in Romania. HipHip stocked the previous version of the nappy and have been very keen to get started with Wonderoos v3.

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Real Nappy Week 2014 – save the date!

Go Real have set the date for Real Nappy Week 2014 – 28th April to 4th May – Save the Date!

What is it all about? Go Real explains: “Fabulous in fluff, cute in cloth, Real Nappy Week is all about celebrating everything great about using reusable nappies. There is something for everyone- from cloth convertees, to those curious to find out more… Real Nappy Week is the ideal time to get involved. Over the next few months, we shall be letting you know about events, special offers, competitions and a whole lot more. So please check back in with us to find out about what’s on in your area.”

Keep an eye on the Real Nappy Week 2014 facebook page for giveaways, offers and more!

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Win one of 3 Minky Wonderoos…

Win one of 3 gorgeous minky v3 Wonderoos with our latest giveaway – all you need to do is click on the link below and follow the instructions to be in with a chance. There will be 3 lucky winners, each winning a Wonderoo v3 Minky nappy in their choice of colour. The giveaway ends on Monday 16th December at midnight – good luck everyone!

Enter here: our Rafflecopter giveaway

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Facebook Giveaway!

Win a brand new Wonderoo v3 nappy – just visit our Facebook page (link below), like this image and comment with your favourite colour from the PUL range. We’ll be picking one lucky winner at 12 noon on Monday 2nd December 2013 to receive a free nappy! Remember to like the Facebook page while you’re there, so you get to hear about more fun and games as they launch…

Visit our Facebook page now!

The small print – the giveaway is run by Wonderoos and is in no way endorsed by or associated with Facebook. No purchase necessary to enter. Just so you know!

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Nappies, nappies, and more nappies…

I’m not sure I’ve ever spent so much time handling new nappies as I have this week – despite many years in the reusable nappy industry! It’s a labour of love as we get all the Wonderoos v3 nappies packed up and shipped out to our UK stockists. And finally we can show you the full minky colour range – so hard to pick a favourite – which one would you like to get your hands on?

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25 Wonderoos to be won with Babyworld!

Win one of 25 new Wonderoos v3 nappies this month with Babyworld – the online parenting magazine! To enter just visit their website and answer two easy questions…

Be quick – the competition closes on 31st October!

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In the press

Wonderoos have been popping up in the press here in Oxfordshire – I came into the office one morning to find a photographer and our media contact, Charlotte, setting up a washing line and pegging up lots of Wonderoos ready for a photo shoot! Before I had time to sit down I was given an armful of nappies to hold and told to smile – still, it’s great to see the local press taking an interest in green businesses – even if I do appear to have nappies on my head! Read the feature here.

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Red and Yellow and Pink and Green…

I have been having lots of colour related conversations this week with my husband – and anyone else who will listen – on the subject of what to call the new Wonderoos colours.  Hubby, liking things simple, suggested red, yellow, pink, green and so on (which put me in mind of the song – “I can sing a rainbow..”).  I on the other hand do prefer nappies with names.  So much debate has ensued.  Should “red” become “tomato”, “chilli”, “pepper”, “crimson” or “apple” for example?  It’s interesting how everyone has very different opinions.  For me, “apple” says green, but hubby’s friend thinks of apples as red.  That’s apple out of the picture then.  We also had several discussions on whether the PUL range should have the same names as the Minky nappies.  Some of the colours are extremely similar, but others are quite different.  If you google colour names, you get a startling array of suggestions, many of which mean nothing to me.  What started out as one of the more fun parts of launching the v3 nappy was quickly turning into one of the more stressful parts!

Finally I think we are there, more or less.  With a couple of cheeky last minute tweaks from both sides.  We hope you will like the names we’ve picked out – you’ll have to wait and see what they are.  But definitely no apple.  Or red.

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Swimming the Channel

Have you ever bitten off a bit more than you could chew?  Taken on a challenge that perhaps was a bit more challenging than you thought?  Well a few weeks ago I decided that what I needed to do was get fitter.  And to do that, I needed a goal.  Not a little goal, or even a middle size goal, but a huge great kick-ass goal – so I signed up for a sponsored Channel Swim.  Fortunately this doesn’t involve me caking myself in fat and swimming the actual English Channel, however it does involve me getting to my swimming pool several times a week and swimming the whole 22 mile channel distance in 12 weeks or less.  In my 25 metre pool, that means a minimum of 118 lengths every week.  A month later, and I must admit I’m flagging a little, I’m 27% done, and my motivation is beginning to sag.  Luckily my teenage daughter is doing the swim with me so we keep eachother going, most of the time.

So, how do you keep yourself motivated with a long term challenge?  I think the key to it is to set mini challenges.  So instead of thinking about getting to the end, I look at how much I’ve swum this week, plan out when we can go, and do it.  No excuses.  And if I’m in the pool at 25 lengths and wanting to stop, I might swim a length using my arms only – this reminds me what I’m swimming for.  I’m fund-raising for Aspire – a UK charity that helps people with life-changing spinal injuries to lead independent lives.  It’s not a big charity, or particularly well known, but what it [...]

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Wonderoos save money!

Someone asked asked me recently how much money you can save by switching to Wonderoos.  It’s kind of a how-long-is-a-piece-of-string question, so I thought of a way to help you work out your potential savings.  How much you save depends on lots of factors.  Stuff like how many nappy changes you do, which disposables you buy, whether you use a nappy wrapper and disposable wipes.  We can help you to make it a bit easier to work out, because what we have calculated is how many disposables you can cut out by switching to Wonderoos.

Go Real reckon that the average UK baby goes through 4,500 nappy changes every year.  Others use different numbers, but that one is fine.  If you buy a full time kit of 15 Wonderoos, you won’t have to use any disposables.  One size fits most babies from 8-35lbs.  So, if you divide 4,500 nappy changes, by 15 Wonderoos, you are saving 300 disposables for every Wonderoo nappy you buy.  Cool huh?  So you could buy one Wonderoo, use it regularly, and cut out 300 disposables from your budget, from your waste, from your life!  Ah-ha, you say, but what about wipes and a nappy bucket?  Well this is the super cool thing about Wonderoos.  The full time kit comes with 15 reusable wipes – so you won’t need to buy those either.  And it all comes packaged in a strong, reusable wet nappy bag.  This is big enough to be used instead of a nappy bucket, and as it has a drawstring, you can just hang it on the back of the door, fling the used nappies and wipes in, and on wash day, just wash it with the nappies.

All [...]

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