Gentle Parenting Awards 2015

Wonderoos are delighted to be short-listed in the Gentle Parenting Awards 2015 for Best Reusable Nappy! The Gentle Parenting Awards are a fresh, modern and ethical new awards scheme, with the winners largely decided on votes from parents.

Wonderoos is a reliable one size pocket nappy that has stood the test of time, and is now recognised as a versatile and highly absorbent choice for today’s parents. You can cast your vote for Wonderoos here! Every vote counts – we really appreciate your support!

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Dads Awards Finalists!

Wonderoos have been shortlisted for the 2015 Dads Awards in not one, but TWO categories! Best Reusable Nappy, and also Best Innovative Product. We may not be the biggest brand on the shortlist but we know our fans love to vote – so please take a minute and VOTE for Wonderoos!

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Spooky Specials…

Get a free “Witchy” wet bag this October when you buy Pumpkin and Slime! No tricks, this is a Halloween Treat – available soon at participating stockists.

What are these new colours? I’ll let you into a little secret, some of the Wonderoos products have taken on new personas for the Halloween season, so this kit will give you a “Witchy” Blackberry minky wet bag with a “Pumpkin” (Apricot) Minky Wonderoo and a “Slime” (Lime) PUL Wonderoo. The Halloween Set has an RRP of £28.00, compared to £33.95 for the 3 items when ordered separately – a saving that will leave you some spare pennies for some halloween treats of your own…

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How do you use yours?

With thousands of you happily using Wonderoos, I thought I would share our top tips for getting the most from your nappies.

1. Adjust your Wonderoo to the correct rise setting for your baby. What is a “rise setting” I hear you ask? That’s what the vertical poppers on the front are for. If your baby is under 6 months old, you will almost certainly need to close those poppers to make the nappy shorter. This nappy has the rise poppers closed to the medium setting, you can see there is a lower row of poppers which you would use if you are putting the nappy on a newborn.

2. Decide which insert(s) to use. For newborn babies, use the white microfibre insert on it’s own, with the nappy poppered as small as it will go. This gives you a neat, squishable nappy that will be fast drying – this combination can be air dried in a warm room in just a couple of hours, meaning a nappy that was on in the morning, could be washed, dried and back on later the same day. As baby grows, you will find you need more absorbency than the microfibre insert alone can provide, this is the time to switch to using the tri-fold bamboo insert on it’s own. Six layers of thirsty bamboo terry will give you unrivalled absorbency, while the fleece layer next to baby will keep baby’s skin feeling dry. For older babies, usually over six months, or for night time or naps if your baby needs a bit extra, you can use both inserts. This gives you the ultimate combination [...]

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Billy has come to play!

May is here, Spring has sprung, and Billy the Cloth-bummed kid has come to play at Wonderoos for the bank holiday!

You could win one of 5 Wonderoos v3 nappies, plus 3 plantable seed papers shaped like butterflies, impregnated with seeds beneficial to British wildlife – a fun thing to do with your little ones…

Want to play along? Visit The Great British Nappy Hunt to find out how.

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A Wonderoo a Day Keeps the Landfill Away!

Want to save yourself £118 AND keep 900 nappies out of landfill? Here’s how…

By using just one Wonderoo a day throughout your baby’s time in nappies, you could keep around 900 nappies out of landfill. This year the theme of Real Nappy Week is Savings. Think how much it would cost you to buy 900 disposable nappies. A starter kit of just 3 Wonderoos would be enough for you to use one a day all the time.

At full RRP a starter kit of PUL Wonderoos is only £39.95, whereas 900 disposable nappies could cost you around £140. So there’s a £100 saving. Save a further £18 by using the 3 reusable baby wipes in the starter set too. And you don’t even need a nappy bucket, you can store the used nappies in the handy wet bag that the kit comes in!

Check out some of the amazing discounts available from our fabulous stockists during Real Nappy Week and your savings will really mount up!

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Real Nappy Week is coming!

It’s nearly here, Real Nappy Week 2014 officially starts on 28th April! There is a lot going on this year and it’s all about showing the world how AMAZING reusable nappies are, how EASY they are to use and how much money and waste you can SAVE by switching! Wonderoos is a keen supporter of Real Nappy Week and we’re working with the Great British Nappy Hunt this year, providing sponsorship and prizes for their Real Nappy promotions. The cheeky little chap in the image above is Billy the Cloth Bummed Kid – expect to see a lot of Billy around on social media in the next couple of weeks, as he helps spread the word about reusable nappies with information as well as fun, games and prizes!

Whether you’re totally new to the idea of reusable nappies, or a firm fan of them, or anywhere in between – please pop along to support any real nappy events in your area. You can look for local events here:

Wonderoos is a proud member of the Reusable Nappy Association, who have organised two huge events this year to get people talking about reusable nappies. The first is an online game of “Reusable Pursuit”. We can’t tell you too much about this just yet, except to say that there are LOTS of prizes to be won, and lots of ways to enter. More information to follow. The other game is called “Passport Pursuit”. This is an offline game – it involves you printing out a “passport” which you then take with you to local events in your area, or to your local nappy library or stockist. You [...]

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And BizzieBaby Silver makes Four!

Last week we were thrilled to announce our 3 new awards, and now we’ve been given another one! BizzieBaby testers loved Wonderoos so much they awarded us a SILVER Award for our Minky and PUL nappies.

Comments from the testers included:
Anna – “I cannot recommend these enough. I have not had one leak from these nappies and they wash and dry brilliantly; a fantastic product, easy to use”

Layla says “I think this system offers excellent value for money. I can’t see of any way to improve them; they are great as they are.”

Kate comments “Thanks very much for the opportunity to try this amazing system. I wish it was about when we first started reusables; it would have saved us a fair few confusions.”

Have you tried Wonderoos yet? What are you waiting for!

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Wonderoos scoop 3 Awards!

You love them, we love them, and Prima Baby loves them! Wonderoos got the SILVER Award from Prima Baby for Best Reusable Nappy 2014 last week – so it’s celebrations all round here. In addition, we’ve also been awarded a Mums Love Award from Babyworld, and a 5 Star Award from The Baby Website!

Securing a Prima Baby Award is brilliant, we’re absolutely delighted, as we know that Prima Baby test lots of leading brands in every category before choosing the winners. So not only do they think Wonderoos are great, they think it’s better than nearly every other reusable nappy tested…

A huge thank you has to go to you, our fans – the Babyworld and Baby Website Awards are purely based on the volume of high ranking reviews that mums have been leaving on their websites, so we’re particularly humbled to have evoked such a passionate and loyal following for the new Wonderoos v3 nappy. We hope to see some of you at the So Natural Baby Fair in Oxford on 29th March – do pop over, we’re celebrating our Awards with some very special show discounts…

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Meet Wonderoos at So Natural Baby Oxford!

We’re delighted to be exhibiting our multiple Award Winning Wonderoos at So Natural Baby in Oxford Town Hall on Saturday 29th March. The fair is open from 10.30am to 4pm, and you’ll find the colourful Wonderoos stand on the left hand wall of the hall from the entrance. There will be exclusive show offers and discounts ONLY available at the fair so it’s well worth popping along to meet us! To take away goods on the day you’ll need to bring cash (sorry, no cheques), but we’re happy to deliver to you if you prefer to pay by card or paypal.

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