Want to save yourself £118 AND keep 900 nappies out of landfill? Here’s how…

By using just one Wonderoo a day throughout your baby’s time in nappies, you could keep around 900 nappies out of landfill. This year the theme of Real Nappy Week is Savings. Think how much it would cost you to buy 900 disposable nappies. A starter kit of just 3 Wonderoos would be enough for you to use one a day all the time.

At full RRP a starter kit of PUL Wonderoos is only £39.95, whereas 900 disposable nappies could cost you around £140. So there’s a £100 saving. Save a further £18 by using the 3 reusable baby wipes in the starter set too. And you don’t even need a nappy bucket, you can store the used nappies in the handy wet bag that the kit comes in!

Check out some of the amazing discounts available from our fabulous stockists during Real Nappy Week and your savings will really mount up!