Welcome To Wonderoos

Wonderoos were the original “one size” pocket nappy, first designed in 2002 by a mum frustrated that pocket nappies came in several sizes.  The concept of a one size pocket nappy proved very popular and the rest, as they say, is history!  Since the original launch many years ago, Wonderoos have been re-designed and improved to reflect the needs of modern parents.

Having retailed Wonderoos for several years, Hip Hip Baby! took over their manufacture at the end of 2006. They had always loved the design and wanted to improve the quality of the product to make it last longer and work better.  The nappy secured a Which? Best Buy Award in 2007, out performing all other reusables and 78% of disposables tested.

Today Wonderoos are manufactured by Earthwise Trading using high quality materials and workmanship. The v.3 nappy was launched in October 2013, with a fresh new look – and a range of exclusive and colourful prints has since been added! For a list of retailers of Wonderoos products please have a look at where to buy.