Summer Prints are here!

Introducing our latest four prints – themed to reflect popular summer fun activities, these prints will initially be available on the Wonderoos v3 nappy only.

The prints are titled Happy Bugs, Teddy Bear Picnic, Seashore and Ocean Life.

Reaction to the new prints has been overwhelming, with parents and stockists alike reporting how much they love the new designs!  Now available in the Wonderoos shop and from many of our stockists.

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Success in Go Real Nappy Awards 2016

Go Real celebrated the 20th annual Real Nappy Week with it’s first ever annual awards, voted for by the public.

We’re delighted to reveal that we won GOLD awards in FOUR categories:

Favourite All in One Nappy – Real Easy

Favourite Pocket Nappy – Wonderoos

Prettiest Prints – Wonderoos

Favourite  Newborn Nappy – Real Easy XS

Huge thanks to everyone who voted for us – we’re told that we won the Prettiest Prints category by quite some way so we’re particularly delighted to know how much you all love our exclusive designs!

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Prima Baby Success!

Wonderoos cleaned up at the Prima Baby Awards 2016, scooping the prestigious GOLD for Best Reusable Nappy with the Wonderoos v3, and SILVER in the same category with the Real Easy!

Prima Baby Awards are held in high esteem, informing parents about the products and services that do genuinely make life easier, better and more fun for young families.  The nappies were put through a rigorous testing and judging process and chose the Wonderoos v3 as the best of the best – good for the environment, absorbent, and cost effective too!

Real Easy nappies were awarded Silver – the only sized nappy to secure an award in this category – a testament to the superior absorbency and user friendliness of this product.

To celebrate the awards, we have 15% off all Wonderoos and Real Easy nappies in the Wonderoos shop until 24th March!

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Gold again at Gentle Parenting Awards!

Wonderoos did it again, winning GOLD for Best Reusable Nappy for the second year in a row at the Gentle Parenting Awards.  These awards are chosen by parents, for parents, and we’re delighted to receive this endorsement for Wonderoos v3 nappy again!

It doesn’t end there – coming a close second with the Silver Award was our very own Real Easy nappy!

Clearly you love the stylish, easy to use, highly absorbent range we’ve created – not to mention the fabulous bright prints and colours.


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About the Rainbows…

People often comment on the lovely bright rainbow coloured Wonderoos range, and the rainbows that appear on all our designs.  So I thought it was time to share with you a little more about the rainbows.

It was about this time, 19 years ago, that I found out I was expecting our first baby.  Our excitement and joy knew no bounds!  Just a few short weeks later, we were told that our baby was not to be, I had suffered what is called a “missed miscarriage”, and our baby had died.  We were absolutely devastated at the news, we just hadn’t expected that things would go wrong – after all, having a baby is the most natural thing in the world.

What does this have to do with rainbows?

A rainbow baby is a baby born following a miscarriage, still birth or other baby loss.  In the real world, a beautiful bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better.  The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced a storm.  And so it is with babies.  Having endured the storm of a baby loss, the arrival of a new baby is much like the arrival of a rainbow.

Our rainbow baby was born about a year after the miscarriage, and will be 18 next year.  Miscarriage is believed to occur in around 1 in 5 pregnancies, and 1 in 200 births in the UK is a stillbirth.  Baby loss affects many, many families.

To a family that has experienced a baby loss at any stage, the arrival of a “rainbow baby” gives new hope and positivity.  It certainly did for us.  I have long since accepted that our lost baby was not meant to be.  Although I [...]

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New prints for Wonderoos

We’re delighted to welcome three new long term additions to the Wonderoos print collection – Monsters, Dragons, and Polar Life, alongside the Limited Edition Elf Magic.

Each print has been lovingly created in collaboration with our favourite British fashion designer, who has taken our ideas and brought them to life.  The prints are designed to be gender neutral, including strong colours, fun characters, and the signature Wonderoos rainbow, which has appeared on all our v3 exclusive designs.

Available to order now from the Wonderoos shop and from participating stockists.



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Limited Edition Elf nappy!

Spread a little festive cheer

The Wonderoos Magic Elf is here!

Full of fun and mischief too

Limited edition – get yours soon!

Order now from the Wonderoos Shop, or from any of our participating stockists.

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Radio Nappy Chat

Wonderoos owner, Christine McRitchie, was interviewed by Kat Orman at BBC Radio Oxford yesterday.

Listen in to the broadcast on iplayer to hear how it went, and why Kat said “I might possibly love you”….

Christine’s interview is approximately 1 hour 8 mins into the broadcast:

BBC Radio Oxford – the Wonderoos interview

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Double Shortlist Triumph for Wonderoos!

Both Wonderoos v3 and Real Easy have been shortlisted for Best Reusable Nappy in the prestigious Mother & Baby Awards 2016!

The Mother & Baby Awards recognise and reward the finest baby products in the UK, and we’re delighted to have both of our flagship nappies included in this years shortlist of 8 reusable nappies.

Wonderoos v3 nappies were launched 2 years ago and have gone from strength to strength, with a fantastic range of exclusive gender neutral prints as well as a vibrant range of colours, and the option of PUL or strokable minky outers. Wonderoos v3 nappies have already won a collection of other product awards and are also shortlisted in the Maternity & Infant Awards in Ireland this year.

The Real Easy brand was relaunched in March 2015, sharing the same fun print range, and has quickly established itself as a market leading night nappy. Available in a range of sizes, it covers an impressive age range, from tiny preemie to hefty pre-schooler, and has the flexibility of plenty of room for boosters for those who need a bit extra – although the 3 layer hemp/cotton blend insert makes this pretty impressive on it’s own!

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Real Easy Wins Consumer Choice Award!

Just six months after the re-launch of Real Easy, this popular nappy has picked up it’s second award, winning the Best Baby & Toddler Gear Consumer Choice Award 2015. The Consumer Choice Award goes to the product that performed best in the public vote, so for such a new nappy to beat off competition from several much more established brands is exceptional – we are humbled by the level of support and love that parents have shown for the Real Easy nappy.

The Real Easy nappy is a fantastically absorbent sized all-in-one nappy, flexible enough to use for day or night, it’s a popular choice for heavy wetters and overnight use. The generous sizing means that most babies only need two sizes, however there are 5 sizes available to cover babies from a tiny 4lbs right up to a hefty 45lb+. Very few reusable nappies are available to cover this upper weight range, which makes them particularly suitable for pre-schoolers with special needs, as well as those children who have difficulties in potty training.

Real Easy is carried by many of our stockists in the UK and overseas, and you can also purchase it from the Wonderoos Shop.

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