Best Green Business Winner

On Friday 9th June, we were invited to attend a glittering Thames Valley Venus Awards ceremony in the Madjeski Stadium in Reading, where owner Christine McRitchie was a finalist in the Best Green Business category.

Ikea Reading sponsored the award, the company has a strong interest in sustainability and gender diversity, so an award that celebrated women in business, as well as green business, was perfectly suited to them. During the judging process, Ikea had invited Christine and the other finalists to their store to meet their co-workers, who were all taking part in the difficult decision of who should be chosen as the winner.

Ikea tell us they were very struck by our thorough commitment to sustainability in every area of our business, from our choice to walk or cycle to work, the solar panels installed so that we generate our own energy, and of course the range of reusable nappies and other sustainable and waste saving products that we provide, and chose Christine as the Best Green Business Winner! Christine now goes forward to the National Venus Awards Final in July, to find out whether she will be crowned the overall National Winner in her category!

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We’re delighted that both Wonderoos v3 and Real Easy have made it onto this years Best Baby & Toddler Gear Shortlist, selected by Mumii UK. With only four products making this years shortlist for Best Reusable Nappy, we’re so thrilled that our products both made the grade, particularly as Real Easy has only recently been relaunched.

There will be a product testing and consumer voting element to these awards over the summer, so watch this space to see how we get along!

Wonderoos v3 has had previous success in these awards, winning the Consumer Choice award in 2015.

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Celebrating Real Nappy Week 2017!

Real Nappy Week is an annual celebration of the reusable nappy, co-ordinated by Go Real.

Every year, the industry comes together to spread the love for reusable nappies, and encourage more parents to consider giving them a go.  This year, parents can take part in some online games organised by Go Real, and Go Real will also be announcing the results of the annual Nappy Awards (last year we picked up 4 gold awards so our fingers are crossed!).

Many of our stockists will have extra special deals available for Real Nappy Week, including our RNW Starter Kits which for this week only, include a FREE Wonderoo Print nappy worth £15.50!  So you’ll get 4 nappies for the price of 3!  Shop Now!

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Big Easy Toddler Nappy

Our rebranded Big Easy nappy is perfect for toddlers, available in 5 bright and fun unisex prints, with toddler proof poppers so the nappy won’t come off until you want it to!

This nappy has a comfy microfleece lining to keep your toddler dry all night, with a 3 layer microfibre soaker to quickly absorb wetness, and a 3 layer organic cotton & hemp soaker to lock that moisture away from your child’s skin.  The back of the nappy has a pocket style opening so that you can add extra boosters if you find you need them, although most children won’t.

Big Easy is a great choice for those who have outgrown their one size nappies, or just need something to wear overnight once they’ve stopped using nappies in the daytime.

Order Big Easy nappies here!

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Little Easy – for Little Babies

For babies who are just too tiny for the Real Easy or Wonderoos range, we’ve created the Little Easy.

Sized to fit new babies on the smaller end of the weight range, this nappy bridges the gap until your one size nappies fit, it’s super easy to use and available in five cute unisex designs.

Buy Little Easy nappies here!

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Real Easy Gets Even Easier!

The popular Real Easy nappy has been revived with a fresh new look and improved features to make it even easier than it was before, if that’s possible!

The Real Easy is a simple to use All-in-One reusable nappy, now available in just two sizes to take most babies from around 7-35lbs.  The nappy features easy to use hook & loop fastenings at the waist, with the addition of a clever hip snap to ensure a secure fit at the legs.  Our trademark comfort leg design ensures a good fit without marks, and no risk of wicking through the stitching.

The nappy retains it’s excellent absorbency with the combination of a 3 layer microfibre soaker stitched behind the microfleece inner, and a super thirsty 3 layer organic cotton & hemp soaker which sits behind that.  To aid drying time, the organic cotton & hemp soaker will agitate out of the back pocket style opening during the wash.

For super heavy wetters, we’ve retained the pocket enabling you to add additional inserts as required – although most babies won’t need this.

To complete the new look, Real Easy is available in a fresh rainbow of unisex prints!  Buy Real Easy here!

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Real Easy Makeover

If you see a swan appearing to glide effortlessly over the water, you probably know that if you looked beneath the surface you’d see it’s legs paddling away furiously.  And so it is behind the scenes at Wonderoos HQ this week as we prepare for our exciting reveal following the Real Easy Makeover!

We’ve listened to your feedback, and your many requests, and spent months working on, testing, tweaking and retesting our updates for you.  We think you’re going to love what we’ve done, and the wait will be well worthwhile.  The Real Easy nappy has many fans, and as you can see it also holds many awards, we think the changes will make it our best version yet!

Tune into our Facebook page at 10am on Friday for the big reveal!

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Wonderoos wins Mumsnet Best Hat-trick!

Wonderoos v3 has done it again – securing the prestigious Mumsnet Best Award for the third year in a row!

Mumsnet Best awards are only awarded to products that have received multiple top ratings from parents on the Mumsnet website, so this means a great deal to us as we know that these awards are not easy to come by.  This year only 2 products hold a Mumsnet Best Award, the other being our Real Easy nappy!

Reviewers reasons for their top ratings included:
I love wonderoos, they give a nice slim fit without compromising on the absorbency. They’re simple to put on and easy to wash. You can put your baby in these and be confident that you won’t get any leaks. A great all round nappy, definitely recommend!

Lots of people told me you can’t use a pocket nappy over night. However, once my daughter was big enough for them (she was a small baby- still is- and didn’t fit them until about 4 months old) we tried wonderoos over night and have used them ever since! We used a two parter bamboo nappy when she was newborn and these are so much easier and less fiddly when she’s wriggling around at bedtime not wanting to get changed! She loves the prints which helps to encourage her into them too!
Never ever had a leak and they always last all night.
They are quite bulky with both inserts but that doesn’t matter at night- and during the day we only need one insert anyway. I love the leg elastic with the extra fleece. And they’re really good value for money.
Wonderoos were the worlds first ever one size pocket nappy, and continue to be a [...]

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Real Easy wins Mumsnet Best Award!

We’re delighted to announce that Real Easy has secured a sought-after Mumsnet Best Award in the Reusable Nappy category for 2016!

Mumsnet is the go-to site for parent to parent advice.  In order to secure the Mumsnet Best award, a product has to receive lots of consistently top rated reviews.  Comments from reviewers included “Reliable, Pretty, Easy…”, “Reinventing the Reusable Nappy”, and “Ultimate All in One Nappy” – here’s one of the reviewers thoughts in full
This is the only true all in one nappy I’ve found in 3.5 years and two children. It does exactly what it’s supposed to, looks good and lasts forever – I’m still using the original one I was given in a bundle, it’s on it’s 5th bum and still in excellent condition!
Real Easy nappies are available in several sizes to ensure a good fit at each stage.  Most babies will only need the size Small and Medium, however we also make an XS size for very little newborns, and two toddler sizes for chunky babies, late toilet trainers, night use and special needs.  Our nappies feature colourful unisex prints, and durable poppers that are hard for toddlers to undo.

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Summer Prints are here!

Introducing our latest four prints – themed to reflect popular summer fun activities, these prints will initially be available on the Wonderoos v3 nappy only.

The prints are titled Happy Bugs, Teddy Bear Picnic, Seashore and Ocean Life.

Reaction to the new prints has been overwhelming, with parents and stockists alike reporting how much they love the new designs!  Now available in the Wonderoos shop and from many of our stockists.

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