I have noticed that the nappies have started to smell unpleasant. What can I do?

Nappies should not smell unpleasant after a few hours on baby – if they do it is likely due to build up of detergent or inadequate cleansing/rinsing. To remedy this the nappies should be “stripped”: wash with the recommended amount of detergent for heavy soiling (ie more than usual), followed by a wash without detergent and rinse a couple of times or until the run-off is no longer soapy. This should solve the problem. If this is a recurrent problem try pre-washing the nappies with a generous cup of soda crystals before washing or doing an extra rinse after each wash.


Just in case you were wondering, do not iron your Wonderoos!

Can I dry my Wonderoos on the radiator?

No, drying in direct contact with high temperatures or tumble drying on hot will cause undue wear and tear on your nappies over time. Hang in a warm place such as near a radiator or boiler and if you tumble dry use a low heat.

I haven’t changed a real nappy before – how do I get the poo off the nappies?

The fleece lining of the nappy will release solid poo easily by stretching it over the toilet. The more liquid stools of a milk-fed baby can be just rinsed off in the machine. When baby is older and the nappy is heavily soiled you can rinse it in the toilet flush while holding firmly to one corner. Alternatively you can use a flushable liner inside the nappies to allow you to just drop let the liner and majority of the soiling in the toilet.

Should I add fabric softener?

No, don’t use fabric softener, dryer sheets or a two-in-one washing powder. It is not necessary and will coat the fabrics of the nappy, making them water repellent and causing leaks.


Should I soak or hot wash the nappies to sanitise them?

No, soaking the nappies is not necessary and may cause them to smell. Washing at 40ºC is sufficient for everyday homewashing sanitation, but if your baby has diarrhoea or nappy rash wash at 60ºC to ensure all bacteria are killed off.

Will I need any specially nappy soak or detergent?

No, choose a regular non-bio detergent which does not contain chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach will damage the fabric over time. To reduce your ecological impact why not choose a more eco-friendly detergent such as Ecover.

Should I undo the height-adjusting poppers every time I wash?

No, you can wash your Wonderoos set at any height setting to save time.

Do I need to wash the nappy and insert before use?

Yes, you will need to wash the nappy once before use. The microterry inserts should also be washed once before use. Bamboo inserts will need washing at least three times before use (to remove the natural oils from the fabric) and you won’t get the best performance from them until they have been washed eight times or so.

I can no longer do up all the waist poppers on my stocky boy. What can I do?

When all four waist poppers no longer fasten around your baby’s waist the nappy is too small. As with all one-size nappies, some babies will outgrow them before potty training, especially if they on the larger side when they train.

How long will Wonderoos last?

Wonderoos are manufactured using highly durable fabrics. They should last through one baby’s time in nappies and may well last for another baby if properly cared for. They are made with popper fastening rather than velcro to keep the nappy from suffering excess wear and tear during washing.

What nappy creams can I use?

Regular use of a nappy cream at changing times isn’t usually required. However if your baby has a nappy rash you can use a non-greasy cream such as Baby Salve from Green People. Greasy nappy creams will stick to the nappy lining causing leaks and permanent damage.

The fleece sticks out at the legs and waist of my Wonderoos: won’t this cause leaks?

No, fleece is not absorbent and will not draw up liquid so will not cause the nappies to leak. If they do leak at the back or leg it is most likely due to the inserts getting too wet. Change baby’s nappy more frequently or use a booster.

The nappy sometimes leaks with my baby who is a few weeks old. I am using the small part of the microterry insert?

Try using the large insert (on it’s own) instead of the small one. You may need to fold the insert over at the front a little to get it to fit into the nappy on its smallest setting.

I have had some leaks with my nappies, what can I do?

Wonderoos are generally a reliable nappy for babies of different ages and shapes. If leaks do occur a slight adjustment in the way you use them should stop them. If the leak happens shortly after you put the nappy on the problem is most likely due to the fit. Check the nappy is snug but not tight by running your finger around the leg opening. You may need to alter the size setting for your baby. If the nappy leaks after a couple of hours it is likely to be due to not enough absorbency. Check the inserts when the leak has occurred; if they are soaking wet you need to put more in or change more often. Check too that baby’s clothing is not too tight and pressing against the nappy causing ‘wicking’ (drawing up liquid like a candle-wick).

Will Wonderoos be suitable for night time?

Yes, Wonderoos will be suitable for many babies at night time. If baby sleeps through the night their night nappy will need to last around 12 hours without leaks rather than 3-4 hours in the day time. You will probably need to use the bamboo insert instead of the micro-terry one for small babies, or both inserts for older babies.

How often should I change baby’s Wonderoos?

As with all nappies, Wonderoos should be changed when soiled or every 3-4 hours during the day time.

Will I need anything else?

Other than something airtight to store used nappies in, no. Flushable liners are not needed with this system though they can make disposal of solids easier in the first few months. Other items you might like to consider purchasing are washable wipes, which you can wash with your nappies and will save you around £5 per week compared with disposable ones. You might also find a small nappy tote bag to keep used nappies in when out and about useful.

How many Wonderoos will I need?

To use these nappies full time we recommend a kit of between 15-20, depending on how often you wash them.

Will my nursery or childminder be able to use Wonderoos?

If you provide these nappies ready to put on they take no longer than a disposable nappy to put on and, once used, can be neatly folded and poppered together for easy, smell-proof storage. Your nursery has an obligation to try to accommodate your wishes regarding the type of nappies you choose for your baby.

Why are the inserts removable?

Being able to remove the inserts means that they can easily be detached from the waterproof outer layer to speed up drying and improve the efficiency of cleaning the nappy.

Do these nappies really fit from birth to potty traiing?

Yes! On most babies you will be able to achieve an excellent fit all the time your baby is in nappies. As well as being fully adjustable in the height and width, Wonderoos are made from very stretchy 1ml PUL or Minky (that’s the outer covering) and a stretchy fleece fabric inside. This means that they will mould to fit a wide range of baby shapes, which is just as well as babies come in a remarkable range! Click to have a look at pictures of the fit of the nappy on a 10lb equivalent baby doll and a small boy.