With thousands of you happily using Wonderoos, I thought I would share our top tips for getting the most from your nappies.

1. Adjust your Wonderoo to the correct rise setting for your baby. What is a “rise setting” I hear you ask? That’s what the vertical poppers on the front are for. If your baby is under 6 months old, you will almost certainly need to close those poppers to make the nappy shorter. This nappy has the rise poppers closed to the medium setting, you can see there is a lower row of poppers which you would use if you are putting the nappy on a newborn. sizesPurplefrontmedium

2. Decide which insert(s) to use. For newborn babies, use the white microfibre insert on it’s own, with the nappy poppered as small as it will go. This gives you a neat, squishable nappy that will be fast drying – this combination can be air dried in a warm room in just a couple of hours, meaning a nappy that was on in the morning, could be washed, dried and back on later the same day. As baby grows, you will find you need more absorbency than the microfibre insert alone can provide, this is the time to switch to using the tri-fold bamboo insert on it’s own. Six layers of thirsty bamboo terry will give you unrivalled absorbency, while the fleece layer next to baby will keep baby’s skin feeling dry. For older babies, usually over six months, or for night time or naps if your baby needs a bit extra, you can use both inserts. This gives you the ultimate combination of thirsty bamboo with quick absorbing microfibre. Wonderoos Labelled Inserts

You will notice that our inserts have a blue and pink popper on the bamboo one, and a white popper on the white one. This is to allow you to popper the two inserts together so they don’t move about in the nappy, and it can make stuffing the nappy a bit easier too. Popper them using the blue popper if you have a boy, and pink for a girl. This positions the microfibre insert to give the absorbency boost right where your baby will need it. Got a front sleeping girl? Use the boy setting to boost absorbency right at the front of the nappy and prevent leaks.

Other tips:
– if you use a disposable nappy liner, make sure all of the liner is tucked within the nappy, with none sticking out at the legs or waist.
– do feel free to play around with how the inserts are used, there are no hard and fast rules, some people prefer to put the white insert further away from baby, while others wrap it inside the bamboo insert
– if you get stuck or need help, do ask the stockist you purchased your nappies from, they all know their stuff when it comes to washable nappies, and will be happy to help you get the most from them!