Wonderoos are a birth-to-potty nappy*. They are highly adjustable and will fit most babies from around 8lb – 35lb (3.5Kg – 16Kg).

Newborn setting Intermediary setting Largest setting**

(Please note, these pictures are of the original Wonderoos.  New pictures coming soon)

Step 1: Adjust the size of the nappy.Adjusting your Wonderoos to fit your baby is very simple. You will see on the front of the nappy is a horizontal row of poppers to adjust the waist and two vertical sets of poppers to adjust the height of the nappy.

The image to the right shows the nappy being adjusted to the medium setting, you can see there is a further popper beneath the one being used, that setting is intended for newborns.  Use the same setting on both sides of the nappy.

For older babies, simply leave the vertical poppers open for the maximum nappy rise (height).



Step 2: Add the Inserts

The inserts are the absorbent part of the nappy. Each Wonderoo is supplied with two inserts – a small white microfibre insert/booster, and a rectangular bamboo insert.

Use the small microfibre insert for your newborn or when the nappy is on its smallest setting. If you find this insufficient for your baby (babies do vary in their wetting habits) try the large insert, folded over at the front if necessary. When the nappy is on the medium or large setting use the larger insert on its own, or with the smaller one poppered onto it to boost absorbency where it is most needed. Use the pink popper for girls and the blue for boys. This makes for a very absorbent nappy.

Put the insert(s) into the pocket of the nappy with the Wonderoos logo (bamboo insert) or popper (white insert) towards the front of the nappy. Position the insert(s) up to the front of the nappy and check it lies flat inside the pocket.


Step 3: Put the nappy on baby

Lie baby on the open nappy with the wings at the back. Pull the front of the nappy up over baby’s tummy and fit into the legs. Fasten the both waist poppers on each wing of the nappy. Allow the fleece lining to stick out at the back of the nappy to increase baby’s comfort but check the absorbent insert is completely inside the nappy to prevent leaks. Check the leg cuffs are giving a close comfortable fit at the thighs – you can do this by running your finger around the inside of the legs of the nappy – it should be easy to do this but there should be no big gaps.

For a newborn waist setting the wing can be overlapped as in pictures A and B below. Select a snug but comfortable waist setting for your baby – you should be able to easily run your finger inside the waist of the nappy. Picture C shows a medium-range waist setting.



*As with all nappies, fit is dependent on shape and build of babies. There may be some babies for whom a perfect fit is not achievable at every stage.

**These nappies were photographed together to show the relative sizes of the different settings.