Wonderoos are available pre-packaged in handy to buy ready-made kits:

Wonderoos Starter Kits

The Wonderoos Starter Kit contains everything you need to start using reusable nappies and baby wipes. The kit contains three nappies and inserts, and Wonderoos v3 Starter Kit Girlthree reusable baby wipes all packaged inside a soft, fully reusable small nappy wet bag.


Wonderoo FT kit with labelWonderoos Full Time Kits
The Wonderoos Full Time kit provides enough nappies and accessories to use Wonderoos all the time.The kit contains fifteen nappies and inserts, and fifteen reusable baby wipes all packaged inside a soft, fully reusable large nappy wet bag.

Purchasing the Starter Kit (to try the nappies) followed by the Full Time Kit (when you have found they are the right nappies for you) will allow you to expand your set, giving a very comfortable number of nappies for full time use.

Wonderoos Kits have minimal packaging to further reduce the waste produced, and are packaged in a fully reusable drawstring bag, suitable for storing used nappies in until washday, so you won’t need a nappy bucket!

Kit Features:

  • Detailed instructions with diagrams and Frequently Asked Questions are included in the kits. All printed material is printed on recycled paper.
  • Wonderoos Kits are available in a choice fabrics and colour combinations. Have a look below at the current choices. Some retailers may make up kits to your own preferences.

Starter Kits are available in Girl, Boy and Unisex colours as seen below.  Full time kits are available in Unisex only Рthis includes a selection of all colours in the range except pink and purple.  Some of our stockists may have their own kits available.

Wonderoos v3 Unisex PUL Starter Kit Wonderoos v3 Boys PUL Starter KitWonderoos v3 Girls PUL Starter Kit