Wonderoos v3 Pocket Nappy

The design of the Wonderoos v3 pocket nappy is second to none in terms of offering a comfortable and adjustable leak-free fit. The pictures below illustrate why Wonderoos v3 are the best choice you can make for your baby.

Fantastic features for all ages

Wonderoos Labelled Closed NappyWonderoos v3 have been designed to offer lots of clever features for your baby’s comfort, and your reassurance, throughout the time baby is in nappies. Features include:
* generous pocket opening at the back for our removable absorbent inserts
* gentle covered elastic to ensure a snug fit
* soft “stay dry” microterry lining to keep baby’s skin feeling dry
* durable waist adjustment poppers (harder for baby to undo!)
* outer waterproof layer is soft, stretchy and feels like cloth
* frilled leg opening designed to protect against leaks
* adjustable to fit babies from birth to around 35lbs (for most babies, until they no longer need nappies)
Click to enlarge the diagram to the right to see more detail.

For newborns

sizespinkfrontsmallWonderoos v3 offer a quick dry, easy to use solution for newborn nappying – this rose pink nappy has been adjusted to the smallest setting for newborns:
* waist fastening tabs can be overlapped for a snug fit on tiny babies
* frilled leg opening protects against leaks, even with runny poop
* stage 1 microfibre insert and outer will both air dry in just a few hours
* soft microterry lining keeps baby feeling comfy day and night

For older babies

sizesPurplefrontmediumNow baby has grown and filled out a bit, you can change to a bigger popper setting like this lilac nappy:
* stage 2 bamboo insert gives six thirsty layers of absorbent bamboo
* slim fit with no bulkiness
* frilled leg opening protects against leaks
* soft microterry lining keeps baby feeling comfy day and night

For toddlers

sizesredfrontbigLeave the height adjustment poppers undone for your toddler, you can see that the red nappy has plenty of popper settings to choose from:
* for maximum absorbency, use stage 1 and stage 2 inserts together
* unique boy/girl settings on the inserts allow you to get the absorbency where you need it most
* microfibre insert quickly soaks up wetness, which is then locked away in the bamboo insert
* secure poppers make it hard for curious babies to undo
* poppers are more durable than hook & loop fastenings, and won’t wear out over time
* suitable for use day or night