Just six months after the re-launch of Real Easy, this popular nappy has picked up it’s second award, winning the Best Baby & Toddler Gear Consumer Choice Award 2015. The Consumer Choice Award goes to the product that performed best in the public vote, so for such a new nappy to beat off competition from several much more established brands is exceptional – we are humbled by the level of support and love that parents have shown for the Real Easy nappy.

The Real Easy nappy is a fantastically absorbent sized all-in-one nappy, flexible enough to use for day or night, it’s a popular choice for heavy wetters and overnight use. The generous sizing means that most babies only need two sizes, however there are 5 sizes available to cover babies from a tiny 4lbs right up to a hefty 45lb+. Very few reusable nappies are available to cover this upper weight range, which makes them particularly suitable for pre-schoolers with special needs, as well as those children who have difficulties in potty training.

Real Easy is carried by many of our stockists in the UK and overseas, and you can also purchase it from the Wonderoos Shop.