It’s nearly here, Real Nappy Week 2014 officially starts on 28th April! There is a lot going on this year and it’s all about showing the world how AMAZING reusable nappies are, how EASY they are to use and how much money and waste you can SAVE by switching! Wonderoos is a keen supporter of Real Nappy Week and we’re working with the Great British Nappy Hunt this year, providing sponsorship and prizes for their Real Nappy promotions. The cheeky little chap in the image above is Billy the Cloth Bummed Kid – expect to see a lot of Billy around on social media in the next couple of weeks, as he helps spread the word about reusable nappies with information as well as fun, games and prizes!

Whether you’re totally new to the idea of reusable nappies, or a firm fan of them, or anywhere in between – please pop along to support any real nappy events in your area. You can look for local events here:

RNA logoWonderoos is a proud member of the Reusable Nappy Association, who have organised two huge events this year to get people talking about reusable nappies. The first is an online game of “Reusable Pursuit”. We can’t tell you too much about this just yet, except to say that there are LOTS of prizes to be won, and lots of ways to enter. More information to follow. The other game is called “Passport Pursuit”. This is an offline game – it involves you printing out a “passport” which you then take with you to local events in your area, or to your local nappy library or stockist. You need to collect 5 passport stamps to enter, one of which MUST come from a visit to a physical event. The other four can be by visiting additional events (one sticker per event only!), or by spending £5 with a local stockist. Each £5 spend gets you a stamp, so you could fill your passport by visiting an event and spending £20 with a participating RNA member! Or you could spread it around a little if you have a few to choose from. It’s entirely up to you. There are lots of prizes up for grabs, including of course, lots of Wonderoos…

Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter as we expect to be very busy sharing all the news of what we’re up to, as well as what all the Wonderoos stockists are doing throughout the week, so if you haven’t already done so, use those social media buttons below to follow us!