I have been having lots of colour related conversations this week with my husband – and anyone else who will listen – on the subject of what to call the new Wonderoos colours.  Hubby, liking things simple, suggested red, yellow, pink, green and so on (which put me in mind of the song – “I can sing a rainbow..”).  I on the other hand do prefer nappies with names.  So much debate has ensued.  Should “red” become “tomato”, “chilli”, “pepper”, “crimson” or “apple” for example?  It’s interesting how everyone has very different opinions.  For me, “apple” says green, but hubby’s friend thinks of apples as red.  That’s apple out of the picture then.  We also had several discussions on whether the PUL range should have the same names as the Minky nappies.  Some of the colours are extremely similar, but others are quite different.  If you google colour names, you get a startling array of suggestions, many of which mean nothing to me.  What started out as one of the more fun parts of launching the v3 nappy was quickly turning into one of the more stressful parts!

Finally I think we are there, more or less.  With a couple of cheeky last minute tweaks from both sides.  We hope you will like the names we’ve picked out – you’ll have to wait and see what they are.  But definitely no apple.  Or red.