Someone asked asked me recently how much money you can save by switching to Wonderoos.  It’s kind of a how-long-is-a-piece-of-string question, so I thought of a way to help you work out your potential savings.  How much you save depends on lots of factors.  Stuff like how many nappy changes you do, which disposables you buy, whether you use a nappy wrapper and disposable wipes.  We can help you to make it a bit easier to work out, because what we have calculated is how many disposables you can cut out by switching to Wonderoos.

Go Real reckon that the average UK baby goes through 4,500 nappy changes every year.  Others use different numbers, but that one is fine.  If you buy a full time kit of 15 Wonderoos, you won’t have to use any disposables.  One size fits most babies from 8-35lbs.  So, if you divide 4,500 nappy changes, by 15 Wonderoos, you are saving 300 disposables for every Wonderoo nappy you buy.  Cool huh?  So you could buy one Wonderoo, use it regularly, and cut out 300 disposables from your budget, from your waste, from your life!  Ah-ha, you say, but what about wipes and a nappy bucket?  Well this is the super cool thing about Wonderoos.  The full time kit comes with 15 reusable wipes – so you won’t need to buy those either.  And it all comes packaged in a strong, reusable wet nappy bag.  This is big enough to be used instead of a nappy bucket, and as it has a drawstring, you can just hang it on the back of the door, fling the used nappies and wipes in, and on wash day, just wash it with the nappies.

All parents are on a budget, and nappies are something you really don’t have to be spending a big part of your budget on.  The great thing with Wonderoos is you can make a difference with just one nappy.  Of course we think you’d do even better with 15 Wonderoos, but every big change starts with a little one.  So if you want to save money, even a single Wonderoos nappy is a great place to start.